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Software Vault: The Collection for Windows 2

Published December 1, 1994

Software Vault: The Collection for Windows 2. From Digital Impact, Inc. 6506 S. Lewis, Suite 250, Tulsa, OK 74136. December, 1994. Sections include: Hottest Hits for Windows; Applications - General; BMP Wallpaper and Screensavers; Business Apps and Spreadsheets; Communications Plus; Database Applications; Demonstrations; Desktop - Program Manager; Drivers - General; Educational Programs; Engineering and Scientific; File Archiving and Encryption; File Management; Fonts and Font Programs; Games and Humor; General Programming and Utilities; Graphics Programs and Utilities; Home and Family; Icons, Icon Libraries and More; Memory and Resource Utilities; Multimedia; Novell, LANtastic and other Networks; Printer Drivers and Utilities; Pascal (Turbo & Borland) Programming; Programming in C, MS-C, Visual C, Borl; Text and Reference Material; Utilities - General; Viewers; Virus Detection and Protection; Visual Basic Programming; WAV and Sound Related; Windows Help Files; Windows NT et al; Word-processing and Desktop Publishing.

Identifier SoftwareVault_198
Mediatype software
Date 1994-12-01
Year 1994
Publicdate 2010-06-16 19:18:49
Addeddate 2010-06-16 19:17:48
Language English


Reviewer: rico001 - - May 26, 2011
Subject: SoftwareVault .cdr disk image
I was able to mount this cdrom image with VirtualDrive CD/DVD software under windows and it can probably be mounted in DOSBOX. It contains shareware and some freeware DOS and Windows 3.1, they've also included windows NT files. software includes hardware drivers; multimedia fonts, icons, small movies; program language utilities, such as as C, Perl, Borland Pascal. It appeared very well organized.

Directory 6 Database Applications
Directory 22 has Network Software; Directory 3 has pictures and screen savers; The Text Files in the TEXT folder explain what each directory contains at the top of the text file